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Floramancer: Seeds and Spells

Can be activated in: United States of America

Release Date:March 6, 2024
Operating Systems:
Genres:Adventure, Indie, Action, RPG
Publisher:Nejcraft Interactive
Developer:Joe Sullivan


Harvest your plants to unlock potent spells and abilities. The more a plant grows and receives proper care, the more powerful the spells it will provide. Harness these abilities to find lost seeds, mine rocks, fight robots, and reclaim your forest.

Each plant-turned-spell offers distinct powers. Water can douse flames and shock enemies, air deflects bullets and aids in growing fire plants, earth shoots fast-moving spikes and can mine through rocks, and fire clears paths through obstacles and much more!

Cycle through the loop of growing your spell garden and using them to fight to find rare and powerful seeds.

© 2024 Joe Sullivan