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Can be activated in: United States of America

Release Date:January 14, 2021
Operating Systems:
Genres:Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Publisher:Krillbite Studio AS
Developer:Krillbite Studio


Sunlight is a short, vibrant and thought captivating exploration game, from the creators of Among the Sleep, Mosaic and The Plan. Journey into the uncharted forest, guided by the harmonised whispers of the trees. Each tree with different voices, genders and dialects, speaking as one.

Taking artistic inspiration from expressionist painters like Monet and Munch and focusing on a powerful 3D audio experience with breath-taking choir work, Sunlight will leave you feeling entranced and in wonder in this artistic approach to telling you a story.

Playtime: 30 minutes.

The visuals, that were hand painted using Quill, makes the experience feel like exploring a three dimensional painting.

The hauntingly beautiful music, composed by Tchaikovsky, was recorded in the Archbishops palace in Trondheim, Norway, and sung by the award winning choir Kammerkoret Aurum. Along with a wide range of voice actors spanning multiple continents, the atmospheric and meditative story comes alive.

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