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Ash of Gods - Beer for Developers

Can be activated in: United States of America

Release Date:March 23, 2018
Operating Systems:
Genres:Adventure, Indie, Strategy, Violent, RPG
Languages:English, Russian, Ukrainian
Subtitles:English, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian
Menu:English, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian


Support and thanks for the developers and some awesome playing card deck with in-game characters for you! When we were discussing the game with our Kickstarter backers at the Discord channel, they brought us this idea—to make a DLC that will allow any player in the world say an additional thanks to the development team, disregard which continent that player lives. Well, there is no better way to cheer us than to buy us a pint of beer or cup of coffee (depends on the preferences, of course)! AurumDust studios guarantee that 100% of the money received through the sale of Beer for Developers will be spent in pubs during the thought-out of the plot for the second part of Ash of Gods. In exchange, we would like to thank all our supporters: you will receive a full 54-cards playing deck as a high-resolution PNG file with fantastic art of our characters. You can use those cards in roleplay games or just enjoy the art itself (precisely those files were used to produce exclusive physical decks for our Kickstarter backers). We hope that you enjoyed the Ash of Gods! Thanks for your support! Note: upon downloading you will find the cards in your Ash of Gods folder