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Save the Furries

Can be activated in: United States of America

Release Date:May 15, 2012
Operating Systems:
Developer:Smack Down Productions
Menu:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Furries are cute little green creatures who just love visiting strange planets.

Unfortunately, Furries are not the most intelligent of critters. They like to spend their time wandering into deadly situations involving galactic creatures, giant pits, mountain peaks, explosions and more...

To help the Furries survive all 60 levels, you will need to rely on the laws of physics and use a whole range of different objects such as pinball flippers, ropes, crates and cannons... in fact, just about anything can be used to help them make their way around the planet safely and avoid ending up as the evil Furax's dinner. Key Features: Full 3D graphics. A high-colour universe that is completely out of this world! Crazy items and physics galore! Lots of trophies to unlock. 60 levels to save the Furries on 6 different planets!

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